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About Us

Greater Metropolitan Real Estate opened its North End Boston office in 2001.  Grabbing a foothold in this highly competitive and niche real estate market was a daunting task at first.  Once our knowledgeable, energetic, and friendly team started to become known we quickly blossomed into the North End’s leading apartment rental agency.  

In more recent years we have since become a leader of condominium and multi-family investment sales in both the North End and South Boston.  Our apartment rental experience has served as the foundation and our strength when working with multi-family investors.  Simply put, we know what renters want and we know how to maximize rental income for our clients. 

Our hands on and full service approach has afforded us an extensive exclusive rental inventory.  Many of our rental listings you cannot see with anyone else.  While there are plenty of agencies in the area that can show their clients apartments, we feel we can show both the best apartment deals and with the best landlords!

Even as our multi-family investment sales increase year over year, we know that to stay truly connected to the pulse of the neighborhoods we serve that we must continue to be an industry leader in apartment rentals.  Many of our most successful business relationships started with one apartment rental!  

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